Founded as a non-profit  in 2005, Coolingman helps participants understand, reduce, offset and communicate their climate impacts by providing art- and science-based information, tools and services to those that want to Cool it Forward by making their actions and events carbon negative.


Coolingman works to support climate action via:

  • Information and Tools
    • Information and tools founded in transparent science
    • Playa GHG Calculator, On/Off-playa GHG Reduction Index, Carbon Credit Offsetting Guides
    • Platforms for community climate questions and solutions
  • Services and Advice
    • Help groups and events Cool it Forward with custom GHG calculators, surveys, inventories
    • Advice on GHG reduction, offset and communication strategies
    • Capacity building and training
  • Art  and Events
    • Science- and community-based, digital and analog works
    • Concept generation, funding, dissemination
    • Reducing and offsetting GHG emissions


Coolingman can itself be thought of as a community climatic art work exploring:

  • Extension of Gift Economy: Because CoolingMan more than offsets GHG emissions, participants are ‘cooling it forward’ for others, extending the Black Rock City gift economy to the ‘real’ world.
  • Physical Transformation of Spiritual Energies: CoolingMan’s GHG reductions represent a unique transformation of the positive energy and intention generated by Burning Man into actual physical form.
  • Transmission of Playa Concepts: Burning Man concepts have changed many everyday lives. Growth in CoolingMan participation will foster and meature such transmission.


For more information on Coolingman and ways we can help Cool it Forward, please Contact Coolingman.