Participate in Coolingman – Offset Your Camp’s GHG Emissions

One way to participate in Coolingman is by choosing to offset your Camp’s specific GHG emissions (based on the Playa GHG Calculator) or average emissions (based average of 0.69 tons GHG per participant) by taking action to reduce your On- or Off-Playa GHG emissions.   Ways to Reduce GHG

Remaining emissions can then be offset by purchasing carbon credits.   While Coolingman is no longer aggregating and purchasing carbon credits on behalf of participants, we fully support the effort of Camp Ideate, Black Rock Labs and C-Quest to provide a supply of quality carbon credits to Burning Man Participants.  Purchase Offsets

Please report all GHG reduction activities or offset purchases to Coolingman.   Report GHG Reductions and Offsets

We will aggregate the results and publish them after this year’s Burn.

Average GHG Emissions Associated with Attending Burning Man

In preparation for Burning Man 2007 – “The Green Man”, Coolingman estimated the average Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) associated with Burning Man attendance at 0.69 tons of CO2 equivalent per Burning Man participant, including both travel and on-site emissions.  This estimate incorporated our prior calculation that the burning of the Man itself generates ~112 tons of GHG emissions.  (For context, the average American is responsible for 22 tons of GHG per year.)

Coolingman 2006 and 2007 participants then acted to “Cool it Forward”, by more than offsetting or reducing their own share of Burning Man emissions.  CoolingMan 2007 Results

For additional information on these estimates, or for help estimating GHG emissions from your own events, please contact Coolingman.  Contact Coolingman

Our estimate cast a broad net to include not only the emissions generated by the event and its organizers, but also by participants and their travel (many formal GHG inventories typically exclude these “Type III” emissions from participant travel and other indirect sources).  Participant travel emissions account for most GHG (over 90%), as is is true for most events that attract participants from afar, and a good reminder that carpooling, using public transportation, and switching to low emission vehicles are among the most climate-effective actions one can take at Burning Man and beyond.  Burning Man Ride Share

Summary of Coolingman’s Inventory of Burning Man GHG

Calculating Your Own Burning Man GHG Emissions

While 0.69 tons represents Coolingman’s estimate of the average per participant GHG emissions associated with Burning Man attendance, the specific emissions actually generated by any participant can vary widely (based primarily on travel mode and distance).

To help participants estimate the actual GHG emissions associated with their own and their Camp’s Burning Man attendance, Coolingman developed downloadable and online versions of its “Playa GHG Calculator”:

Online Playa GHG Calculator [Under Repair]

Downloadable Playa GHG Calculator