Welcome.  Most works of Art, Science or Community require resources that typically contribute to climate  change.  Coolingman helps participants Cool it Forward by calculating, reducing and more than offsetting the climate impact of their own events, projects and works of art, science, or entertainment.

Coolingman also curates content and sponsors artwork, events and projects addressing the Art, Science and Community of climate change.  Contact Coolingman

Upcoming Events

Coolingman 2017 again invites Burning Man participants to Cool it Forward by more than offsetting their emissions associated with the event.    After the Burn, regional events are planned for the fall and Coolingman is always here to help calculate, reduce and offset the impacts of their other events and projects. Contact Coolingman


2005 – House of Lotus


HouseofLotusPhoto: PleasureSean

CoolingMan 2005 calculated the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the vehicles, air travel, power generation and fire art of one Burning Man camp, House of Lotus.

Emissions were estimated at approximately nine tons. CoolingMan then obtained ten tons of GHG offsets.

Carbon offsets were obtained via donations to the non-profit Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF). SELF generates carbon offsets by helping farmers in Africa obtain ‘solar home systems’ that eliminate GHG emissions from kerosene lanterns, as well as improve eyesight, respiratory health, and children’s school performance.

2006 – Burning of the Man

2005Burn_GKirchheimerPhoto: GKirchheimer

Coolingman 2006 aggregated GHG reductions and donations from 28 participating camps to purchase offsets sufficient to over compensate for the ~112 tons of GHG emissions from the Burning of the Man.

Participants2006 Results 12.31.06

2006 – Flock at San Francisco City Hall


CoolingFlock estimated the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the Black Rock Arts Foundation’s installation of ‘Flock by artist Michael Christian on the Civic Center Plaza of San Francisco.

CoolingMan estimated emissions from the installation at five tons, then obtained six tons of over-compensating GHG offsets thereby ‘cooling it forward.’ Offsets were obtained via donations to American Forests for tree planting in areas damaged by Hurricaine Katrina.

2007 – The Green Man –

Coolingman 2007 aggregated GHG reductions and donations from 275 participants and purchased offsets sufficient to compensate for over 850 tons of GHG emissions associated with their camp’s share of Burning Man emissions.

Coolingman 2007 Results

SF Chronicle Article

2008 – Mavericks Surf Competition

Coolingman 2008 developed a GHG inventory for the Mavericks big wave surfing competition that was used by the organizers and sponsors to offset emissions from the event.

2016 – Dust City Diner

Coolingman 2016 more than offset the GHG emissions associated with the staff and operations of the Dust City Diner.  “If it ain’t gritty…”




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